We’re committed to delivering our clients the best overall experience from sales, to installation, to service.


What specifically is it that makes our 5-star customer service culture shine?  Our Client Care Program.


ComTec Client Care is the bridge that spans each step in the process and provides the customer an advocate. We know (and appreciate!) that when outstanding customer service is provided, satisfied customers become loyal customers.




Here are a few key personality traits that you will notice our ComTec client care representatives possess, because we understand the need to establish and maintain a lasting customer relationship:


  • Promise Keeper: It is imperative to provide full attention to each customer and be an active listener.  We’ll take notes or ask questions to clarify our understanding of a customer’s needs.  Then, we’ll keep promises made, and always follow-up. We get it– developing a reputation for trustworthy and reliable service keeps customers coming back.  Should a customer or client have a negative experience, Client Care will find an efficient and timely solution.


  • Professionalism: We provide industry-leading client services by treating customers professionally, which means the use of expected competence or skill.  Professionalism shows the customer that they’re cared for.  We’ll get you an answer, if not immediately, then we’ll let you know when to expect it and deliver as communicated.


  • Promptness: Promises for delivery of products or services must be on time because we know a customer’s trust in our products and service is on the line.


  • Politeness: We maintain a positive attitude, use good manners, and use professional language whether an organization is a prospect or a customer spanning a decade.  Expect to hear, “Thank you!”– our customers are valued, important, and needed.


  • Personalization: We’ll treat you like a person, so a customer will hear his or her name in verbal and written communication.  We get what it means to be served well, and that loyalty is produced oftentimes on a professional-personal level.


Our white gloves are on. Our bow ties are neatly affixed. ComTec’s Client Care Team is ready to assist you! Please reach out to us any time via 856-691-5111 at extension 2 or via email.  If you are interested in making a direct connection with the manager of our Client Care Program, Ed Wieland is your guy.  He’s available at 856-691-5111 at extension 1180 or ewieland@comtecusa.net.