300x250-consultingWe are utility cost reduction experts uniquely equipped to reduce your utility costs.


Our industry expert staff is focused exclusively in the areas of Utilities, Telecom and Energy.

Through our 20 plus years of extensive industry experience and innovative cost reduction programs, our services deliver ongoing savings of up to 40% and have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings for our clients’:

-Telecom Services                                     -Energy Services
-Cellular and Landline                             -Electric
-Internet and Data                                    -Gas
-Hardware and Software                         -Water and Sewer

Our holistic approach ensures that the lowest cost is achieved and then preserved over time through customized managed services.

Our Mission

  • Leverage extensive utility industry experience and insider knowledge to reduce expenses
  • Focus entirely on reducing and managing corporate and institutional costs
  • Drive savings to the bottom line and increase our client profits/EBITDA/EPS
  • Preserve and improve savings and efficiencies over time

Our Fee Is 100% Contingency Based

Our optimization and audit services are 100% contingency based—meaning you pay nothing until you receive the savings on your bills.  Unlike typical consultants, our fee is based on the savings we achieve.

The Cost Reduction Process

Our goal is to maximize savings with minimal time investment from our clients.  It’s a simple, three-step process.


Five Week Timeline to Implement Cost Reductions

Our experts have defined the following steps to implement cost reductions, and it requires only a few hours of client staff time.

  • Contract signing and LOA provided by client.
  • Week #1: ComTec gathers most recent energy and telecom invoices along with respective vendor contracts from client. This can be done through provider portals without use of client’s staff time, through upload from client or on-site with assistance from client.
  • Week #2: ComTec performs an assessment of all invoices.
  • Week #3: ComTec develops optimization strategy/establish client’s benchmark spend.
  • Week #4: Client/ComTec have savings plan consultation via web-ex.
  • Week #5: ComTec implements client approved savings plan with the vendors.