Best in Class Service: Audit. Optimize. Implement.

ComTec Consulting’s insider access, negotiation, insight, and expertise in the utility industries (TeleCom/Data, Electric, Gas, Water and Sewer) is second to none.  Our services include:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Telecom Solutions
  • Energy Solutions


The goal of our process is to reconcile past billing, including retroactive credits, recover overcharges, renegotiate existing contracts, and optimize existing services.  Here’s how we do it:


  • Based on previous 3 months’ charges for each individual service
  • Review current utility agreements
  • Determines baseline for program optimization


  • Leverage specialty pricing & utility relationships to develop “Best in Class” program
  • We deliver a detailed, proposal based on audit findings & industry expertise
  • Facilitate client approval process for proposed savings


  • Manage implementation of new rate strategies & discounts
  • Provide monthly bill review and reporting
  • Continuously implement new savings strategies
  • File for credits in the event of incorrect billing

Our Fee Is 100% Contingency Based

Our optimization and audit services are 100% contingency based—meaning you pay nothing until you receive the savings.  Unlike typical consultants, our fee is based on the savings we achieve:

  • During the initial engagement we will monitor the accounts and continue to seek additional credits, efficiencies during the term, and lower costs
  • After completion you will receive the benefit of 100% of the savings and have the option to hire us for ongoing monitoring


Staff Requirements

Our goal is to maximize savings with minimal time investment from our clients.